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No "O" Rings required

Pipe Fix Before and After

Before & After

Snapper Before and After

Before & After

  • Easiest to install

  • Takes hot or cold fluids up to 140 degrees F. Max

  • No seals or O-Rings which can degrade and leak

  • Two piece construction, both couplings are designed into our units

  • Just add PVC Glue and Extend for a perfect repair every time.

  • PIPE FIX™  is a permanent In-Line repair, Strong as the whole system, NOT the weak link.

  • The telescopic tee is large enough to replace both tee and broken pipe in most cases

  • PIPE FIX™ is the only unit of it's kind on the market today

  • Simple two piece construction.

  • Approximately half the price of o-ring devices.

  • Superior interlocking design to prevent leaks.

  • Double interlocking side walls which are double glued.

  • Specially engineered chamfers which help trap glue in place on "out of round" pipe.

  • Interlocking ends which lock one half to the other, so making one solid repair that will not break loose.

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